Our Water District

Welcome to the Sonoma Mountain County Water District (SMCWD).  Our District is a public agency that was formed in 1963 under the Water Code of California by the voters of the District.  We are a small Water District that generates most of our revenues from the sale of water.

There are 55 homes in the SMCWD and policy for the District is set by a volunteer Board of Directors (five residents) and managed by the general manager.  The Board meets the 2nd Tuesday of every other (odd)  month at 3:00 PM and an agenda is posted approximately 72 hours before the meeting. Meeting locations vary and are posted on our website before each meeting.

Our water is pumped from a well located on Venado Court.  The water is treated for bacteria with chlorine near the well head, then pumped to the main storage tank (49,000 gallon capacity) located at the top of Alta Monte Dr.  It is gravity fed to the customers in the District from that location.

Our water is tested on a regular basis, in accordance with State Health Regulations.  If you do not have a filtration system, you will notice that our water is very turbid and high in iron content.  This will cause stains to your plumbing fixtures.  The water is safe to drink, however many members of the District have purchased their own treatment and filtration systems which is highly recommended for our type of water.

Water meters are read and bills are mailed every other (even) month.  The rate structure is the tiered method according to usage.

Water supplied by SMCWD is for reasonable domestic use. Commercial use is prohibited.

2 Responses to Our Water District

  1. Is there any possibility that we might be able
    to pay our bills online ? with a credit card ?
    setup and auto pay on our accts.

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